Date of Birth-4 June 2000

Ashwini isn’t a girl that likes studying too much. She is not really interested in going to school but her results are acceptable. Life in the hostel she enjoys very much. She helps in household and takes care of the young children. She found her own place in our big hostel family.

Ashwini had a good start of her youth, at least she new her mother and loved her very much. She is clever and a good student at school, she is studiying in 4 th class now.

In past she lived with her parents in Mumbai, her father died because of aids. Later her mother also became sick and a test showed that she was also HIV positive, three years later she died too.

Because there was nobody to take care of her one of here relatives took her in their family. She was there for about two years but because the man in this family lost his job and they have three own children is was impossible to take care of her for a longer time.

In August 2009 they asked us if we could have her in our hostel, first we said no because we do only have a hostel for boys. Later they filled in all the necessary papers and we decided to give her a shelter in our hostel because she really needs protection and love. So because of her we have a mixed hotel now, some boys and one young girl.

Let’s also pray for her that she will feel at home, mix with the boys and can accept the fact that her mother died.

April 2018

Hello Guys ,

I am ashwini. I just finished my exams and also completed my Computer basic course.I also help in the daily chores to our teacher and Sir.

I am also practising computer and will also try to help them with this also.I am fortunate that I got such a wonderful chance or a blessing from our God that instead of dealing with all the problems alone, I have my Sir and teacher who always strive to provide me with the best education and facilities.

After Completing my education, I am planning to help to other kids and support our hostel


May 2011

Hi, I am Ashwini.

I finished our exams and now I am ready to enjoy my vacation. In the exam I had many subjects such as English, math, science, history and geography.

My favorite subject is math.

I have no parents and I live in the hostel. I was very small when my parents expired. Like I was one year when my father died and I was four when my mother died. My aunty took care of me some years when she couldn’t do it longer she met Babu sir and asked him to take care of me.

In hostel I like to work in the kitchen and help Vidya teacher

I like the hostel very much here I get love and care that I was missing when I came here. I didn’t know how to read and write, Babu sir gave me extra lessons and now I know how to read and I do good in math.

I will not go when I will finish my study I will stay her and help other children.


Dec 2010:

“Namastee, my name is Ashwini. Now I am studying in 5th standard. I would like to become a teacher. My favourite subject is Hindi. My favourite food is dal-rice. I like Christmas very much as we get new clothes to wear and I also like to participate in various programs in our church. I like pink colour very much. I like to play Kho-Kho (Indian national game)

I also like helping in cooking. In free time I like to help in household chorus.

My teacher and sir help me in my homework. I like my hostel very much, after I finish my study I will stay in hostel and help other children.

Wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year.

Thank you.”


13 jun 2010:

“Namaste I am very happy to have this new house it is very big and even my room is very big I got everything what I need.

Now I am in fifth standard  and in future I like to study more

I am new in the house  but now every one is my friend

In the holiday many time I went to the market with vidhya teacher and I help her in the house I like to work in big kitchen I attend many weddings here and enjoyed”