In the beginning of 2009 we started a little hostel for 6 boys in our office in the slum Kailash Nagar. These boys are orphans or do only have a mother who is not able to take care of them. We had the desire to have a bigger place for them, a place with at least a toilet and some space for office and in future for more children. With the help of some people from abroad we got more finances and started to look around for a bigger place. When we would have an other place we could use the little office again for other purposes like sewing classes, literary programs or starting a little business.

In December 2009 we succeeded in finding a nice appartment with 4 rooms where we could move to with the boys. After some painting, cleaning and organizing works we were able to have an opening party on January 8 in 2010.

In June 2010 we had to move to another place, because of real troubles with the neighbours. Our new place is a little bit smaller, but it’s a nice place and we are happy with it! We are really thankful to God who called us to do this work and now is providing for us in the things we need. At the second half of 2012 we rented a second apartment. It’s a pity that it is not real close to our first apartment, it is about ten minutes going by food. But in this way we have place for in future 10 boys and 10 girls.

What do we offer the children in our hostel:

-          A shelter

-          Possibility to go to school

-          Study help

-          Good and healthy food

-          Clothing

-          A good youth

-          Show them Gods love

-          A safe place to live

-          A better future

-          Health care and teaching about it

-          Loving people who take care of them

-          Everything else the children need as far as it lies in our power

Probably in the near future we will offer a shelter to a few more children. Because we cannot do everything by our selves we have good contacts with other hostels, with doctors, hospitals and other faculties too.