Date of birth – 10 February 2006

Niyati goes to the English medium school, she likes this very much. She is a clever student and prefers study above playing. She likes dancing.

Her mother is still working in Mumbai, she is cooking food for people. Average once a month she comes to visit Niyati, stays here for one night and cooks a nice meal for the children.

Niyati was six years old when she came to live with us. Before that time she lived in Nahik, about 200 kilometers away from Pune. Niyati was three years old when her father died, together with her mother she lived in the house of her grandparents from fathers side.

After the death of her father the relation with her father’s parents became more and more difficult. Finally they left the house and came to Pune. Niyati is living now with us in the hostel, her mother has a job in Mumbai. Hopefully later a reunion between mother and daughter will be possible


April 2018


Hello Guys,

I am Niyati.God has blessed me with the education and other basic needs through the medium of our hostel. Now I am finished my exams for 5th std and waiting for the results. As of now, we have summer vacations so I am learning to ride bicycle and also play badminton and carrom.

I also pray everyday for my hostel family and for my mom.

Thank you