Mona / Prerna

Mona (left) and Samiksha (right)


Date of birth – 30 March 2009.

Mona goes to the playgroup of the English school.

In the hostel she is beloved by everybody because she is the youngest child but also because she has a lovely character. Her mother often comes to visit both children and this is always a happy time. Sometimes she goes to market together with the children. But when she has to leave again this isn’t difficult for Mona, she is very happy in the hostel. The mother, Shusma, works now in a clothing shop but is still living on the street. She is saving money, that Bird’s Nest keeps for her, to be able to rent in future a place to live together with her children.

Mona was living on the street together with her mother Shusma and her older sister Samiksha. With our help mother Shusma started to finish her study, complete her graduation and start working in a regular job.

Because it is impossible to do this with two little children Samiksha came to live with us in the hostel and goes to school. When Mona was small she could go with her mother to work and study, but now she also has the age to go to school. For this reason since the beginning of June 2012 Mona is also living in our hostel.

We like to help Shushma and her children in this way because it can really change her own life and the life of her children. Beside that they are a good example for other street children to show that a better future is possible.  Of course we hope that in future the family can be reunited so that mother and children live together again.


April 2018

Hello Guys,

I am Mona. I was the youngest child when I came to this in hostel.  Now there are many other ones who call me Didi (elder sister). I have finished my exams for 2nd std and enjoying the summer vacations. I also like playing and drawing. I stay here with my elder sibling Samiksha Di. I pray daily and loves to do homework.

Thank You