Shakshi (left) en Sandesh (right)

Sandesh, date of birth 20 May 2006.

At the moment of writing this  Sandesh is one of the two little boys between all the young girls in our hostel. But he is very happy now and found his own place in our big family. When he came here he was very shy and not talking. Now he is a very happy boy, plays with all children and talks a lot. He goes to English medium high school where he is a good student.

Sandesh lives in our hostel since April 2012. His name means message. He has one sister, her name is Shakshi.

Their mother, Sheha, married when she was 14 years old.  Once a day the father left his family, since that day there was no income and mother as well as the children were hungry many times. Because Sheha did not have any education it was difficult for her to find a job.

The children went to live with their grandmother, Sheha visited them sometimes. She found a job and brought money for her children. But once a day she stopped visiting them and since that time they didn’t have money for buying food. Because grandmother didn’t have money for buying food she took the children from school. They were walking on the streets and hoped to get some money for buying food.  Because of the age and decreasing health of grandmother even this became impossible. A church pastor helped to place Sandesh and Shakshi in a hostel. But on a sad moment this hostel stopped and both children came back to grandmother. She contacted us and this is how Sandesh came to live in our hostel. For the time being Shakshi has another place to live but probably she can not stay there and on a later time she will also come to live with us.