Street ministry

In street ministry we help children who live on the street.

We have many activities in this part of our work, some examples:

  • We visit children and their family and try to be a blessing for them.
  • If necessary we go with them to hospital.
  • We have good contacts with Sassoon hospital; we can bring the children there for a HIV test without charging us for it. If a child is found positive we help them to get the right medicines and give them counseling.
  • We help the children to go to school and if possible help them to find a place in a hostel.
  • Help the children to get identification papers to make it easier for them to find a shelter.

Some names of street children that we help are: Shoukat (passed away December 2012), Ishna, Kisha, Rakesh, Dattu, Suraj, Ravi, Sonu, Sanjay, Satish, Kajal.

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