Voluntary workers

Years ago I told the pastor of our church about my passion for these children, he help me to reach to my vision. He met some people from Holland and brought me in contact with this Dutch lady.

We started big meetings for children,  we grew up very fast and in two year we had 1800 children in our meetings and by the grace of God we could help them in many ways.  We served with this ministry about six years.

After six years we decided to register in India as well to let the work be easy and legal; we registered as Indian trust called ‘’BIRD’S NEST SOCIETY PUNE’’. In this way we had social work in the slums like stitching classes and literacy classes for women to help them to be self independent and have some own income.  Some Indian people like Rani, Mona, Rufas, Sanjay, Rajesh and Vidhya helped us to do this work.

Doing this ministry we found out that some children had big problems. They needed a shelter because they were orphan or had other family problems. Fot this reason they came to us and asked us for help. We arranged a place for them in a hostel where they could live and go to school, the people from Holland agreed with it and paid the fees for this. By doing this social work we became very well known in the neighbourhood and people came to us to ask help for many problems. At the moment we have six children to take care of, they are like a part of our family.

After some years problems started to come into the organisation, a big flood came in our neighbourhood and our whole programmhall was filled with people who lost their houses. Big parts of the slums where totally flooded.

Some political people started to struggle against us, they didn’t like our way of working because we were really helpful to people, we did the work that the government ought to do. Our programms were postponed and many people who worked with us left the organisation.

In this situation we started summer camps to give the children a week of holiday and leave their street or home situation for a week.

Me and the other Indian workers like to give a new start to the practical help for street- and slumchildren, the people from Holland have another opinion and like to start training Indian people in doing this kind of work. In all the years of cooperation the lady from Holland teached me many things, I’m thankfull to her for this.

But since 2009 we have a different vision about the progression of the work and the Dutch and the Indian parts of Bird’s nest both go their own way.

From that moment we had six children without shelter, it was very hard for us to see this situation but we believe vision comes with provision  In past we believed in this and now we liked to start a home for this children because we adopted those six children four years back and we still feel responsible for them.

We as Indian trustee decided that we will start a home for this children, because we don’t have money for renting a place we furnitured our small office in the slum Kailash Nagar for them, normally we used this for doing social works, it has two little rooms.

Because we didn’t have a place to keep these children, we decided to start a home in this office as an emergency need for these children. This was the vision that God gave us for a long time ago but because of finance we were  not able to start. We had got some physical help from people, they were willing to help us starting a home. May be through this new situation, we will be able to start a home for these children.We cannot send them back on the streets, that’s why we kept them in our BN Society’s Office Center.

First we did not have staff to take care of these children. I asked some of my friends who have the same vision for working with this type of children.They are helping now in the home. We started with the help of Babu, Vidhya ( my wife) Agnes, Sanjay, Sony and Rufas.

This is how it started, since Christmas 2009 we rent a nice appartment where the children are living.

We have a nice staff, even some more than when we started and last but not least we trust in God who is helping us in every need and situation.


Chairman of Bird’s Nest Society.