Komal, year of birth 2004 or 2005. (Exact date is unknown, birthday is celebrated on 1 june.)

Komal goes to the Marathi school where she is a good student. In the hostel she makes a lot of fun with the other children. This is totally different from the hostel where she used to live before. In that place she didn’t have a personal relation with somebody and nobody showed her love. The time that she received an ice cream in our hostel was very special for her. Even more special for her was the fact that she could choose some new clothing for Christmas. This was an unknown luxury for her, getting new clothes that you can choose by yourself. Komal likes to keep rooms and kitchen in the hostel clean.

Till the beginning of 2012 Komal lived in a orphanage together with 30 other children. In past both of her parents died. One of the leaders in this orphanage raped a child. As a result of this the Indian government closed the orphanage and all the children needed another shelter. The children are divided among other orphanages and hostels, this is how Komal came into our hostel. At the moment we can’t give any other information about her.


April 2018

Hello Guys,

First of all thank you for all the prayers that you are doing for me and my hostel family. I appeared in 9th this year  and getting ready for the board exams of 10th class. I do well in studies and also help my hostel in daily chores. My Sir and teacher (in hostel) supports me in each and every thing whether it is providing me with the needs or helping me with proper guidance. I have a dream of completing my education and supporting orphans in future. I also want to support children who don’t have parents.God blessed me with this hostel and because of this today I am in good health and have a good life.

God has blessed me  so abundantly, So I am planning to use this opportunity and help other kids through our ministry.

Thank You