Date of birth- 9 January 2006

Rohini goes to the English medium school, she likes this very much. She is also very happy in our hostel and found her own place. There isn’t a lot of contact with her parents; they do not come to visit her. They say to be happy that their daughter can stay with us and build a better future.

Since February 2012 Rohini lives in our hostel.

When Rohini came to our hostel she was 6 years old and living on the street.  Since here birth we were in tough with her parents. Immediately after her birth we gave her the medicines that she needed and also to her parents we offered medical help.

Later our contact with her parents decreased.

In recent years Rohini was begging in the streets, the earned money she had to give to her parents. All the time we were in tough with her and because of this relation we also got closer contact with her parents. In past we helped her parents to find a simple job, but this stopped some time ago.

Rohini would like to go to school, all the time when we visited her on the street she asked if she could live in our hostel and go to school. But her parents did not allow this, how could they earn money when their daughter was not with them?

Finally her parents gave permission for her to live with us in the hostel and go to school. We would help them to start a simple business like selling balloons in the center of the city.

Since Rohini is living in our hostel she is very happy. But of course it is a big step for her to change the life as a 6 years old beggar for the life as young girl going to school.